Despite the growing use of “name blind” applications, unconscious name bias is still more common than we think.

This talk examines the financial impact of names, whether it be names of people, businesses or services.

Julia speaks about her own experience of changing her name as an immigrant to the UK, and what she has subsequently learnt from her work as a business consultant, helping her clients name businesses, products and services whilst considering the potential impact on sales.

This talk challenges us to be honest in our reaction to names which are unusual to western ears, and Julia shares practical ways for organisations and individuals to address their unconscious bias in an open and supportive way.

Find out more about Julia’s work here
Julia Bernard-Thompson is a Business Coach who aims to help business owners grow to their first million in sales.

As a coach, she has seen clients struggle with brand names, personal name, program names etc because of how various names are perceived and the impact that could/would have on their success.

She says ‘I’d long been harbouring this secret utopian ideal of a time in the future when names didn’t matter and so this felt that a great opportunity to give that idea a voice and to open up the discussion. I chose to speak at TEDxFolkestone because the theme of A Re-Imagined Future really intrigued me. ‘ This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

What’s in a Name? The Financial Impact of Unconscious Bias | Julia Bernard-Thompson | TEDxFolkestone

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