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March 4, 2020, is a special day for all of us. After all, it was on this day that the Antares platform was launched. And now, today, on March 4, 2022, history repeats itself: an updated and improved version of the platform enters the market👏

Because of the holiday and the solemn launch of Antares 2.0, Alex Richter has recorded a new video message. Watch it if you want to know:

❇️ How we dealt with the platform audit
❇️ What will happen to the frozen funds on Antares
❇️ Which companies are being checked by the regulator at the moment and when it will complete the audit
❇️ Why Antares Refund is temporarily closed and when it will resume its work
❇️ What investment yield will await the participants of the Antares 2.0 programs
❇️ How the investment yield will be formed on the new version of the platform
❇️ What is included in the roadmap for 2022
❇️ Why our strategy can be compared to a rocket taking off
❇️ What platform events Alex Richter will attend
❇️ How Alpin will work
❇️ What you can get for organizing Antares 2.0 events
❇️ How limits in platform programs will increase

You can learn about this and much more from the new video message from Alex Richter.

Dear partners, we can change history and make Antares the largest tool for increasing investment returns. Together we will achieve our goals!

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Message from Alex Richter: Launch of Antares 2.0 🎉 (English)