Magic: The enjoyment of negative emotions | Lionel Dellberg | TEDxHochschuleLuzern (TEDx Talks) The title of his talk is «Magic: The enjoyment of negative emotions». It presents and explains the mechanism that occurs when an audience is fooled by a magician and why the emotions they experience are negative, yet enjoyable. Lionel Dellberg has been working for nine years as a professional magician. He launched is magical […]

The mental health benefits of storytelling for health care workers | Laurel Braitman (TED) Visit to get our entire library of TED Talks, transcripts, translations, personalized talk recommendations and more. Health care workers are under more stress than ever before. How can they protect their mental health while handling new and complex pressures? TED Fellow Laurel Braitman shows how writing and sharing personal stories helps physicians, nurses, […]

Intelligent chatbots | Sophie Hundertmark | TEDxHochschuleLuzern (TEDx Talks) The theme of her talk is «Intelligent ChatBots» and it explains how to utilize them in business. Sophie Hundertmark graduated from Hochschule Luzern with a MSc in Business Administration, Marketing & Online Business. She was one of the first master students in Switzerland to research chatbots and won the Best Paper Award at the […]