Do you know that the lungs of children born in Delhi are smaller than the lungs of children born elsewhere? The reason is the silent killer — pollution. Sukhmeet Singh has established a radical technology to rid the earth of air pollution and he imagines a future where every child can breathe in the fresh air. Watch this talk to know more about his radical idea! Sukhmeet is a CEO and founder of a BioEnergy Company: A2P Energy
and an Analytics company: ProdigyNumbers.
Through his company A2P Energy, Sukhmeet is working with Aston
University, UK and European Bioenergy Research Institute for setting
up bio-energy plants in Punjab. A2P Energy is focusing to provide
economic value to the farmers out of the straw by converting straw
into NextGen biofuels.
Sukhmeet has won many national and international awards for his
work on saving paddy straw from burning and has recently won the
Global Makers Challenge in Russia competing against 1180 companies from 83 countries
and emerging as the top winner in Sustainable Energy Field. Sukhmeet was also invited to
UN General Assembly in New York in Sep 2019. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

A Radical Idea to End Air Pollution | Sukhmeet Singh | TEDxChandigarh