Читайте Чёрный список пирамид и лохотронов

Another productive month and year are coming to a close with a video message from Alex Richter, who summed up the results and shared his plans for the future.

The main event of 2021 is the launch of the new Alcor Trade platform. Also, this year, we provided an opportunity for investors to unfreeze their funds using the Antares Refund program.

The whole year has been fruitful but especially the last month because in December we:

✅ Launched the Token Profit Team program
✅ Increased limits in Line Profit Team to 80,000 ALD, to 25,000 ALD in Step Profit Team, and to 20,000 ALD in Binar Profit Team
✅ Launched the «Lucky Days on alcor.trade» promotion

In January, we will:

1️⃣ Increase limits in Line Profit Team to 150,000 ALD, to 50,000 ALD in Step Profit Team, and to 35,000 ALD in Binar Profit Team
2️⃣ Launch the Smart Profit Team program

As you can see, there are many plans not only for the next month but also for the year ahead! For example, in 2022, we will fully compensate the losses of our investors, launch many investment and affiliate programs, and break our own records.

Watch Alex Richter’s video message to find out all monthly and annual totals and plans. It is available in four languages: Spanish, English, Russian and French.

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Message from the Founder Alex Richter: December Results. What Awaits the Company Next Month?