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The oft repeated claim by Ruja Ignatova since mid 2016 that her company only sells education packages and not a cryptocurrency investment is easily refuted by going back through her old videos. See below for the transcript.

Source: https://youtu.be/O8oe-34Ra1s, title: Ответы Ружи Игнатовой на вопросы партнёров OneLIFE в Киеве 21.10.2015 г.


Nikov: Yes, I have few times asked if somebody wants to invest million euros or more of this. Can this be done?

Ignatova: We, it can be done, but is very important to understand that we do not allow investments more than one million euro. Because, you know, we are very young cryptocurrency, and with one million euro investment or more, you can do, you can influence the market and the price. So, we can do one million euro or something. We, also as a company can help to structure, perfect structure, for the person, and I have also seen people just want to invest in the coin, not in the network marketing. If somebody wants to invest only one million in the coins, they can, and ah, but it’s ah, the bonus for this is only 10% cash and nothing else.

Nikov: But you can basically choose whether you want to go mining or just the coins, or both.

Ignatova: yes, so I suggest for this, just to speak to one of our people and we are very happy to consult him, to ask, you know, we have to ask some questions. What does your client want, what are his needs, what does he want to do, and then we can give him some kind of recommendation. Because this is like private banking, you know, we are very happy to do this, and I will put you together with some investment manager, portfolio manager, in the office.

Ruja Ignatova in 2015 discusses one million Euro investment in OneCoin.