Читайте Чёрный список пирамид и лохотронов

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates – ZENIQ Technologies Ltd, a provider of blockchain-based decentralized applications, launched a tokenization project in Dubai on Tuesday that aims to revolutionize the trade in digital assets. To mark the occasion, the public was invited to see for the first time a unique exhibition of digital works of art on the world’s largest façade screen on the side of the Burj AlKhalifa.

The ZENIQ Art NFT (#ZeniqNFT) will be the first of several tokens that are digital proof of ownership and origin. Dubai was chosen as the launch location for the ZENIQ Art NFT as the city is increasingly acting as a global hub for digital art investments. Today was the first of many. #Safir #ZENIQ_Hub

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CEO ZENIQ, Mag. Erwin Dokter, comments on the company’s potential for success, “ZENIQ not only unleashes the true potential of blockchain technology, but will also offer a new wave of digital innovation and economic opportunities. We have developed an advanced infrastructure and a regulatory system for the development and adoption of digital assets and tokenization.”

You can REGISTER HERE as well: https://safir.com/ref/9ybrbfysyp
MIN Purchase – 100 EURO /
RECOMMENDED STARTER- 1499 or 2950 EURO ($3500) (a Hub)

*ZENIQ COIN* is currently traded on UniSwap!
Passive and store of assets for future value or Active daily income options
The ZENIQ HUB can be your “access key” to long term wealth
Earning while you sleep like this:
1 – Zeniq coins minted to your back office in preLaunch!
2 – Zeniq Decentralized Exchange commissions
3 – Zeniq Tokenization projects for coin holders to share profits

Additional Income: THREE (3) kinds of remuneration for you!
1. Uni Level Pay (up to 15 levels)
2. Career Ranks (Bonus payment)
3. Bonus Pool/Profit Share (Performance Bonus / Incentives)