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ZENIQ Technologies
A new generation of cryptocurrency and financial payments!
Link to register with ZENIQ https://safir.com/ref/egetei0t40
A serious ecosystem is developing, the founders are large IT specialists from Austria and Germany, two Swiss banks, private and investment, an office in Dubai. Through a partnership with Sheikh Said bin Hasher Al Maktoum, ZENIQ is committed to supporting the UAE government on its journey to the digital economy and accelerating the UAE’s role in this.
Goal: to combine crypto and fiat into one system on a new decentralized exchange. Launch of own Zeniq coin. Tokenization of any business, gadgets, debit cards, products. There are no equals yet. The first tokenization will be for Dubai real estate.
A roadmap is outlined, a site for registrations and minting (mining) is open.

✅ You can buy a ZENIQ HUB minting package or minting tablet from Safir International by first passing a simple registration at this link: https://safir.com/ref/egetei0t40

Profit in coins and% per month from coin mining, depending on the value of the package, for example, a full package for 1500 EURO will mine 90 ZENIQ coins per day. With the growth of the exchange rate, this will be an impressive amount.

Any questions about ZENIQ Telegram communication: https://t.me/cryptoforeman

Telegram channel / chat: https://t.me/zeniq_safir_eu

News from the UAE https://www.zawya.com/mena/en/press-releases/story/ZENIQ_launches_groundbreaking_blockchain_tokenization_platform_in_Dubai-ZAWYA20210718123541/

Information on ZENIQ:
🔸 ZENIQ Technologies website: https://zeniq.com/
🔸 ZENIQ Block Explorer: https://zeniq.net/
🔸 ZENIQ price on Uniswap Overview: https://info.uniswap.org/#/tokens/0x5b52bfb8062ce664d74bbcd4cd6dc7df53fd7233
🔸 Contract address on Etherscan:
🔸 OCS International Commodities & Investments (Bank in Dubai): https://www.ocs-investments.com/
🔸 SCX Private Crypto Fund SCX: http://scx-sgx.com/

Link to register with ZENIQ https://safir.com/ref/egetei0t40

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ZENIQ *** SAFIR Presentation English / minting mining income 20.07.21