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Watch a new video message from Alex Richter, where the founder of Antares shares the results of the company for May and plans for June. Thanks to our partners, Antares continues to grow rapidly, and next month we will launch new programs and much more.

In May we:
— Held the Antares Open Mexico 2021 business meeting;
— Celebrated the anniversary of the Synergy Group partner company;
— Launched the Antares Cashback program;
— Held a MasterMind event.
June plans:
1) Launching the Binar Profit Team 2.0 program;
2) Launching a new matrix in the Matrix Profit Team program;
3) Launching the Great Summer Promotions.
One of the main events in May was Alex Richter’s meeting with members of the Presidential Council in Dubai. The founder and partners of Antares spent several unforgettable days sailing on a yacht, tasting delicious dishes, making plans for the future, and talking a lot about life.
You can learn more about these and other events in the video message.

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Message from the Founder of Antares Alex Richter: May Results. What Awaits the Company Next Month?