We’ve spoken to hundreds of industry leaders in 2021, so we’ve chosen to revisit some of our interviews with the people who are having the most impact in their field. From Miley Cyrus to the WInklevoss twins, Vice President Kamala Harris to the world’s youngest self-made billionaire Austin Russell, these are the leaders who shaped our year.

0:00 Meet Tony Khan: The Billionaire Behind All Elite Wrestling
7:08 Vice President Kamala Harris Outlines Her Vision Of Inclusive Entrepreneurship
8:41 The Miley Cyrus Forbes Cover Interview
12:13 Billionaire Brothers Cameron & Tyler Winklevoss Are Pioneering The Future Of Finance
16:39 Meet The CEO Who Turned Vimeo Into A Billion-Dollar Company
21:24 How Etsy’s CEO Is Building The Anti-Amazon
25:30 Speaker Nancy Pelosi Shares Career Lessons And The Mentality That Keeps Her Going
27:47 Meet The World’s Youngest Self-Made Billionaire: Austin Russell
33:14 The CEO Behind Software’s Biggest IPO Ever
37:13 The Richest Person Under 30 In The World Wants To Give His Fortune Away
44:41 Valerie Biden Owens On Her Career As One Of The World’s Top Political Strategists
48:17 How Spotify Saved The Music Industry And Minted A Billionaire

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