Ever wonder how young entrepreneurs turn an idea into a profitable business? Well, here’s how! Learn from Dylan Sprouse who turned his mead-making side hustle from a NYU dorm bathtub into All-Wise Meadery, a Brooklyn-run business that services states across the U.S. Or, learn how to create and market a product with Amirah Kassem whose Rainbow Explosion cakes from her bakery, Flour Shop, became an instant viral sensation. These videos aim to help you take your passion, side hustle or small business and turn it into a successful career. Remember, everyone starts somewhere!

00:00 Here’s How Dylan Sprouse Became A Master Mead Brewer
10:26 Here’s How Bang Bang Went From Self-Taught Tattooist To Owning His Own Studio
15:31 Becoming The First African American Principal Of The New York Philharmonic
19:44 Here’s How Burn Rubber Went From Detroit Shop To Global Sneaker Haven
29:35 Here’s How Claudia Oshry Made Her Own Job As The GirlWithNoJob
35:55 Here’s How Flour Shop Bakery Became A Success Off $150 Exploding Cakes
39:32 Here’s How The Florist Behind New York’s Flower Flash Built His Business
44:55 Here’s How An Entrepreneur Built A Global Company To Disrupt Higher Education
49:02 Here’s How WeWoreWhat Disrupted The Fashion Industry With A Blog
51:51 Here’s How WhIsBe Made A Gummy Bear Into A Collectable Piece of Art

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