Читайте Чёрный список пирамид и лохотронов

1. ELEMENTS 5 — registered in one of the main business capitals of the world, the Republic of Panama. This is one of the few countries where it is safe to build your business and store capital.

2. In the near future, the company plans to open jewelry outlets on every continent.

3. The main activity of ELEMENTS 5 is the sale of precious stones — Diamonds and Moissanites.

4. The company has implemented a network business model. The client has the opportunity to develop his team and receive passive income from each purchase in his network.

5. In November of this year, an international exhibition-conference for partners will be held in Milan. Then author’s events will be held in Paris, Barcelona, Dubai, Amsterdam, Istanbul and Monaco.

6. There are two types of earnings available in ELEMENTS 5. The first is investment. The second is team work.

7. At this stage, sales are carried out online. There is an international logistics system. Delivery — anywhere in the world.

8. To become an ELEMENTS 5 partner, you need to register your personal account at: https://personal.elements5.club/

9. For each purchase in the company, the client receives a CASHBACK. 30% per month brings the STANDARD package.

10. According to the affiliate program, the client receives a bonus from each purchase made in his network — up to 18%. Referral payment — daily!


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