Читайте Чёрный список пирамид и лохотронов

Dear partners, a month has passed since the last video of Alex Richter was published. That’s why he decided to tell you more about the events that took place during this time.

So, this month has been very productive for all of us:

✅ The unfreezing of funds in Nexus and Catalyst began, thanks to which tens of thousands of partners received accruals to their personal accounts
✅ More than 25,000 investment packages that bring daily profit to their owners have been created
✅ Our payment gateways have successfully passed another check for compliance with the requirements of the regulator, which allowed us to increase the withdrawal limits by 2 times
✅ About 1,000 tickets were bought for the Dubai event, for which we have already rented a location, found speakers, and prepared various surprises for our guests

As for the Antares 2.0 and Alcor plans, they are as follows:

1️⃣ Celebrate Antares 2.0 Dubai 2022 on July 15–17
2️⃣ Successfully complete the preparations for the international tour around the most active countries in platforms’ business development
3️⃣ On July 1, 2022, resume the withdrawal of funds and increase the limits on it by 2 times

You can learn about this and much more in the new video message from Alex Richter. Share these videos with your friends and team, and remember that everything is going according to plan, that is, in the right direction!

Antares 2.0 and Alcor are your right choice

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Message from Alex Richter: Month-end Results and Platforms’ Plans (French)