Читайте Чёрный список пирамид и лохотронов

In today’s video message, Alex Richter shared the month’s results and talked about the ambitious plans for December. However, before moving on to the results of the last month of fall, we would like to thank all active partners for their productive work on alcor.trade!

So, in November we:
✅ Launched the Antares Refund program
✅ Launched the Binar Profit Team program
✅ Increased limits up to 40,000 ALD in Line Profit Team and up to 12,000 ALD in Step Profit Team
✅ Launched the Matrix Profit Team program

In December, we are planning to:
1️⃣ Unfreeze 5% of funds under the Antares Refund program
2️⃣ Increase program limits for the maximum investment amount
3️⃣ Launch the Token Profit Team program

Dear partners, there are even more joint achievements ahead that will definitely make us all more successful! You can learn more about these and other events in this video message.

Message from the Founder Alex Richter November Results What Awaits the Company Next Month?