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The modernized Meta Force system — it is a real revolution!
In the development of the product concept, we are now focusing on the Metaverse, since it is in the closest stage of completion. And besides, we are already formalizing the products of the Metaverse legally, which is especially important in the context of the situation
In the Classic program, there are tokenized things, both physical and virtual.
In the UniteVerse program, these are the main components of the Metaverse.
The Boost program includes games that will be located in special separate spaces of the Metaverse.
The starting point of our turnover is our customers, our users who will buy the product. Purchases will be made in our main coin…

Old Classic presentation (mentioned BUSD on Smart Chain, but the scheme is the same):

SFC Tokens:

Royalty NFT Program:

Meta FORCE Space — DeFi №1 & Decentralized Society with own coin and marketing on smart contracts, which are publicly and perpetually available to view on Blockchain.
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