Читайте Чёрный список пирамид и лохотронов

The MultiMeta Universe purpose is to create a single metauniverse with the introduction of the functionality of separately existing metauniverses in the technological space. In May 2022, we will present to the public an updated interface for the resource accompanying the creation and development of the metaverse, where each active since 1999 investment partner of the company, will be able to take a direct part in the unique metaverse formation. The https://multimeta.com platform will present not only standard investment opportunities in the company’s technology products, but also the opportunity to earn on limited aggressive marketing of investment opportunities and purchases of shares as components of the MultiMeta Universe with the profitable resale possibility of these shares as they grow and development of the metaverse functionality capabilities.

We will publish important updates for both the partners of the company and for the participants in the creation of the united metaverse on the main channel @multimetauniverse, while the rest of the channels remain active for existing partners of MultiMeta.com

MultiMeta unites the world.
The only and inimitable.

MultiMeta Universe