The Biden administration recently proposed new regulations defining exactly what constitutes a firearm and which specific parts are required to have ATF-issued serial numbers for tracking. If enacted, Federal Firearms licensing and serial numbers will be required on many gun components that heretofore could be bought and sold without regulation.

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Cody Wilson, founder and Director of Defense Distributed — the company best known as the maker of the first 3D printed gun — intends to neutralize Biden’s gun control regulations.

Wilson’s new software, which he intends to release this month, is capable of turning a raw block of aluminum into the receiver for an AR-15 assault rifle in just three hours. It is designed to circumvent those controls by converting a 1.5 inch by 8 inch block of aluminum into the essential component of a firearm using one of Defense Distributed’s $2,500 Ghost Gunner 3 desktop printers. 

Dubbed the Zero Percenter, because it can turn a completely untouched piece of aluminum into a firearm, the software and a few accompanying components are Wilson’s answer to what he considers government overreach. He seems to care little about the “open source” terrorism and crime it might unleash.

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How Biden Gun Control Regulations Can Be Bypassed By 3D Printing | Forbes