The official music video for David Bowie – Thursday’s Child

Taken from Bowie’s 22nd studio album ‘Hours’ released in 1999, which featured the singles ‘Thursday’s Child’, ‘Survive’ and ‘Seven’

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David Bowie redefined musical genres and the potential of live performance for generations of music lovers. Creating and discarding a variety of personae and restlessly challenging musical boundaries, Bowie released timeless albums including Space Oddity, Hunky Dory, The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust…, Aladdin Sane, Diamond Dogs, Young Americans, Station to Station, “Heroes,” Let’s Dance, Heathen, The Next Day and many more. Blackstar, Bowie’s 28th and final studio album, was released on his 69th birthday, January 8, 2016. David Bowie died on January 10, 2016, two days after the release of Blackstar. His body of work, his influence on the worlds of music, art, fashion, film, theatre and beyond, and his legacy of innovation and reinvention will live forever. 2022 kicks off with Bowie at 75, a celebration of his 75th birthday with the Brilliant Adventure box set, the previously unreleased Toy, the 50th anniversary of Ziggy Stardust and a series of special events.

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David Bowie – Thursday’s Child (Official Music Video) [HD Upgrade]