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Song: Your Woman
Artist: White Town (Jyoti Mishra)
Album: Women In Technology
Year: 1997
Label: EMI/Chrysalis Records

The singer/songwriter (and one-man band) of White Town is Jyoti Mishra. He formed White Town in London, England, in 1989 after attending a Pixies concert. Mishra was born in Rourkela, Orissa, India, on July 30, 1966, and has lived in England since he was three years old. «Your Woman» was released in the UK on January 13, 1997, and in the US on February 25, 1997, on EMI/Chrysalis Records under the album «Women In Technology». By the way, this song was sampled from the Al Bowlly tune called «My Woman,» which came out in the 1930s (at the beginning of Bowlly’s tune the trumpet march plays just as White Town’s does at the beginning too). A British singer, Tyler James, also sampled the White Town classic but in a more upbeat version. Look up Bowlly’s and James’ songs on YouTube. There are also hip-hop, instrumental, and dance remixes of «Your Woman» on YouTube. By the way, I wasn’t sure at the time what this song was about, but I’m very happy to see that everyone commenting on this video have shared their opinions on what this song is about. I care more about hearing this classic song than people sharing their opinions on what it is about.

Lyrics to White Town’s «Your Woman» are:

Just tell me what you’ve got to say to me
I’ve been waiting for so long to hear the truth
It comes as no surprise at all, you see
So cut the crap and tell me that we’re through

Now I know your heart, I know your mind
You don’t even know you’re being unkind
So much for all your highbrow Marxist ways
Just use me up and then you walk away
Boy you can’t play me that way!

Chorus: Well i guess what you say is true
I could never be the right kind of girl for you
I could never be your woman. (repeat 4x)

When I saw my best friend yesterday,
She said she never liked you from the start
Well, me, I wish that I could claim the same
But you always knew you held my heart
And you’re such a charming handsome man
Now I think I finally understand
Is it in your genes? I don’t know
But I’ll soon find out, that’s for sure!
Why did you play me this way?

(Chorus On Top)

Well, I guess what they say is true
I could never spend my life with a man like you
I could never be your woman (repeat 4x)

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White Town — Your Woman (1997)