Are you considering education and careers in international business and finance? Thinking about applying to the MGIMO School of Government and International Affairs Bachelor of Science Program in International Business and Finance? (

Join us on Wednesday, April 14th and 3 PM Moscow for a webinar with Yandex Market CEO Maxim Grishakov, who is also a member of the SGIA Advisory Board. Mr. Grishakov will share his views on choosing economics and finance as your field of study and future profession during an online discussion moderated by SGIA Dean Mikhail Troitskiy and Associate Professor of Finance Vasiliy Tkachev. We aim to offer our audience firsthand experience from a leader of a major Russian IT company whose successful career in business has spanned three decades and under whose direction Yandex Market has substantially increased its market share as a free online service for the selection of goods.

Masterclass on choosing careers in business and finance with Yandex Market CEO Maxim Grishakov