What started off with two friends busking on the streets is now a family of six. A series of happy accidents, a dream, and a little bit of chance is what it took to create Chizai. With their unorthodox blend of instruments, featuring a cajon, trombone, trumpet, violin, flute, guitars, ukulele, and keyboard, and their unique, experimental sound, they quickly burst onto the music circuit in Delhi, winning over people’s hearts effortlessly.

Watch them spread good vibes and happiness as they perform their original compositions along with the evergreen tune ‘Uptown Funk’. In a twist as unique and innovative as their music, watch as they jam on stage by three sign language interpreters, showing how music is much more than sound waves falling on our eardrums. What started as a two friends busking on Delhi streets, Chizai has grown into a family of six now, in the true spirit of music, which is more often than not a happy accident. More than being a band, Chizai is a group of friends that came together to cheer the spirit of life and good vibes. They believe in spreading love and happiness and that is what their choice of numbers, ranging from covers to originals, reflect. They constantly experiment with their sound so that it remains fresh every time you catch them live in a performance. With their unorthodox blend of instruments, featuring a cajon, trombone, trumpet, bass, guitars, ukuleles, keyboard; they are constantly experimenting with our sound, aiming for good times and happy vibes for all those that listen with our electro-acoustic sound. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at https://www.ted.com/tedx

Music beyond the Ordinary and the Auditory | Chizai | TEDxShivNadarUniversity