Amit Kumar Pandey is the world’s leading roboticist who is creating humanoids. Humanoids are robots that look like us, talk like us, walk like us, and become friends with us. Listen to his talk to get a sneak peek into the future when humanity will start living with these robots. He is the President, the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) and Chief Science Officer (CSO) at Hanson Robotics, the company that created the world’s most human-like expressive robot, Sophia. Earlier, he served as the Chief Scientist at SoftBank Robotics Europe, Paris (the creator of the world’s first mass-produced consumer humanoid robot, Pepper). His research interest falls at the intersections of People, Society, and Robotics & AI. He holds a Ph.D. in Robotics and AI from LAAS-CNRS (French National Center for Scientific Research), INSA (National Institute of Applied Sciences), France.

His PhD thesis is among the best three theses for the prestigious Georges Giralt Award for the best Ph.D. Theses in Robotics in Europe, awarded by European Union Robotics (euRobotics). He is the founding coordinator of Socially Intelligent Robots and Societal Applications (SIRo-SA) Topic Group (TG) of euRobotics (the European Union Robotics Community), which aims to shape the future of robotics in Europe in collaboration with European Commission (EC) through PPP SPARC (one of the largest civilian-funded robotics innovation program in the world). Witness the powerful talk of this visionary who is redefining the future of humanoids. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

Robots that look like humans — The future of Humanoids | Dr Amit Kumar Pandey | TEDxChandigarh