Are you scared that robots will take away your jobs? Daniel thinks otherwise. He is building the future of robots where they’ll assist you in doing your job better instead of competing with you. Watch this mind-boggling talk to see the future. He is a prodigious roboticist with deep expertise in design, fabrication, and programming of autonomous systems. He currently works with robotics technology company iRobot, the global leader in consumer robotics with the iconic Roomba™ robot.

Daniel earned his MS from the MIT Media Lab where his research on «Shape Displays» for Virtual Reality was presented at TechCrunch Robotic 2017. He previously worked at Amazon Robotics, which manages the largest fleet of mobile industrial robots in the world, and as a research scientist at Harvard where he worked on 3D-printing an entire soft-robot, «Octobot», published in Nature.

His interests span human-robot interaction, artificial intelligence, soft robotics, computational design, additive manufacturing, and space exploration. Daniel is building the robots of the future which will work alongside humans in highly efficient teams, using the complementary abilities of humans and machines. His cutting edge work in robotic technologies will have huge implications on the future of humanity. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

Robots that work alongside humans — a peek into the future | Daniel Fitzgerald | TEDxChandigarh