The pandemic has had at least one professional upside: It’s hard to misbehave when you are quarantined. Hard—but not impossible.

Take the case of Jeffrey Toobin. The New Yorker writer and CNN legal analyst had a gilded career dating back to his days at Harvard Law, where he was classmates with future Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan. But it all came to a crashing and humiliating halt in October when the esteemed juris doctor accidentally exposed himself during an act of self-pleasure while on a Zoom call with The New Yorker’s editorial staff. (The working theory is that he was simultaneously on an entirely different sort of video chat.)

Unfortunately, Toobin is not the only former superstar to make 2020, our collective annus horribilis, just a little bit worse. Here are the year’s biggest career crashes of the year.

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The Biggest Career Crashes Of 2020 | Forbes