This talk will address the paradox that, while our technical vision becomes 20/20, who is really watching us. It will discuss preserving the self in the age of artificial intelligence and social media. Gerald Cupchik completed his undergraduate studies at the University of Michigan (1967), received his Masters (1970) and PhD (1972) from the University of Wisconsin, and did postdoctoral research at the University of Toronto where he has been a professor of psychology since 1974. He was president of the International Association for Empirical Aesthetics (1990-94), American Psychological Association Division on Psychology and the Arts (1996-97), and the International Society for the Empirical Study of Literature and Media (1998-2000). He received the Rudolf Arnheim Award in 2010 from the APA and the Gustav Fechner Award in August 2018 from the International Association for Empirical Aesthetics. He published The aesthetics of emotion: up the down staircase of the mind-body (2016, Cambridge University Press). His research interests cover aesthetics, design and imagination processes, emotional experience, and social communication. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

The Medium is the Matrix | Gerald Cupchik | TEDxUTSC