TTF2020 Remote Fellowship: FLUXOPIA
Luke Jones (UK)

Metabolism in its most banal sense — as an epistemic project focused around the quantification of material and energy flows between systems and processes — is increasingly central to the ecological governance of the contemporary technosphere of human cities, products and technologies. When a product or project is assessed as having certain environmental impacts or ’embodied carbon’ that association is a scenario grounded in an institutionalised fluxometrics. The project explores the centrality of metabolism as the governing abstraction of the early 21st century environmental bureaucracy, and attempts to identify what is at stake in its continued development.

The project was developed during The Terraforming 2020 at the Strelka Institute for Media, Architecture and Design in Moscow, Russia

Program Director: Benjamin H. Bratton
Program Design Tutors: Nicolay Boyadjiev

TTF 2020 Fellowship – Fluxopia