Marina Dubova (RU) | Pierce Myers (US) | Bryan Wolff Schoemaker (NL)

The thesis of the Terraforming is one that awakens us to the fact that humanity has been designing the planet for millennia, just without the intention we are aware of today. This awareness demands the recalibration of typical design points-of-interests from chairs, facades and advertising, towards infrastructure, governance and ecosystems. In essence, the planet itself. To do this is to reckon with its prime design problem at hand: the excess CO2 in the atmosphere, pushing the planet beyond 2 degrees of warming, if not properly managed starting this decade.

To reverse what we’ve done is not to return to old practices but to take the contemporary efforts that produced the problem in the first place and re-aim them to put the excess carbon back from whence it came, to the deep geological formations of the Earth, to bury the sky.

Investigating the motive, techniques, locations and the possible actors, leads the plan on how to bury the sky to a region holding the largest flood basalt in the world. What was once created by an extinction event known as “the Great Dying,” might now help prevent just that.


The project was developed during The Terraforming 2020 at the Strelka Institute for Media, Architecture and Design in Moscow, Russia

Team: Marina Dubova, Pierce Myers, Bryan Wolff

Typography and Graphic Design: Unfun Studio
3D artist renders: Selam X ( art direction: RB Jumbo, cgi: Brandon Saunders)

Program Director: Benjamin H. Bratton
Program Tutors: Nicolay Boyadjiev, Lisa Dorrer

TTF 2020 – To Bury the Sky