The 73-year-old model and registered dietician with two master’s degrees—most famously known as Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s mom—moved to New York City just three months ago, she told Forbes at a late September breakfast event in a luxe Times Square hotel. We’re gathered in honor of Timeline Nutrition, which sells powder and pills that claim to contain anti-aging properties and for which Musk recently signed on as a spokesperson. The company claims the compound “revitalizes mitochondria” (the cellular workhorses that convert food into energy in humans) but the evidence to back this claim is still preliminary. While the company has proven to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration that its products are safe to ingest as dietary supplements, more research is needed to support its other claims, since supplement manufacturers don’t have to prove their products work.

Asked if she feels a difference from her five-month regimen taking Mitopure, the brand name for Timeline’s supplement, Musk says, “I haven’t noticed,” adding, “It’s happening in the cell.” She says she keeps a “flexitarian” diet, meaning she’s vegetarian at home, monitors her alcohol intake and exercises regularly. “I don’t try to sell something if I don’t believe it.”

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Why Is Elon Musk’s Mom Plugging A New Anti-Aging Supplement? | Forbes