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​​​​Management and Team Leaders meeting on 24th of July

An online meeting took place on Saturday, July the 24th of 2021. AI.Marketing representative notified the community of the work progress and Leaders of the international teams have asked the questions passed by their team members.

The major points of the meeting are as follows:

1) Top ups, withdrawals and advertising purchases are closed since the last Wednesday, July the 21st. There is nothing to worry about. The company needed to stop all the activities to be able to proceed with the advertising campaigns re-launch. All the functions of the back offices will be turned back on right after the website gets back to operation.

2) The company has shared an incorrect time estimate required to resume work at the last meeting. The estimate was based on outdated data on the number of active Ad campaigns. We have re-evaluated the scope of work. There are a huge number of stopped active advertising campaigns. For example, it will take 34 days to recalculate the balances of about 3 million clients. (3,000,000 / 60/60/24 = 34.72) if we calculate the balance of 1 client in 1 second. We calculate faster than 1 account balance per second but even with our pace it will take about a week only to write down the balances.
As of now the company estimates that it will need at least another 10 days to get back to normal work.
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3) There are rumors spread in some Publics that AI.Marketing team is just trying to buy some time for something …. The simplest thing would be just to blame the authorities that do not allow us to work and scatter south to tropical resorts.

However, we do not do this, and we do not intend to do so. We are taking all measures nessesary to restore normal operation. We understand all the responsibility that lies with us and are going to go only on the right path.

4) Our legal team requested an explanation of the actual reasons for placing the website on the Roscomnadzor blacklist. No response has been received yet. Authorities have up to 30 days to respond to such a request by law.

5) The company held negotiations with business partners and explained the situation honestly. Most of the counterparties agree to continue working with us including payments processing and so on.

A preliminary agreement was reached with the RMB bank card processing. We hope to integrate this method by the time we get back to work or soon after.

The team is doing its best to normalize the work as soon as possible. We will notify you of the progress in the official news channel.

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