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Is it possible to predict the timing of the restoration of the normal operation of the company, what do lawyers say about this, and how we can help in resolving this situation?
1) There should be concrete results within 1 week
2) Lawyers say that blocking is “complete chaos” in terms of both content and procedural points of view.
3) You can help, as always, by spreading information so that all structures know what is happening and that we are not sitting idle.
We have always done what we promised and this time we are confident that the situation will soon return to normal.

2️⃣ Question:
Transfers from inb to the partners’ account in ai did not come from July 12, as well as transfers to banks and cryptocurrencies. Do I need to write about these transactions to technical support or will everything be returned automatically?
You don’t need to write anywhere. We know what is gone and what is not. You will need to write only when we announce that everything has been returned to its place and you do not find your money in your account.

3️⃣ Question – suggestion:
All questions are closed, there is only a wish to publish all the steps as we progress in the leader chat, not once every two weeks, but as soon as there is at least some news.
I totally agree. Taking into account the situation, we and the steps are going to publish and hold meetings more often.

4️⃣ Question:
What will happen to the purchased advertising and reinvestments from the balance that the Partners have been doing for the last three days and this money hangs over the card, will they be launched in the near future?
Ads bought in recent days will have to go to new campaigns in the first place, I think so.
However, I will be ready to provide precise technical details point by point for the next meeting.

5️⃣ Question:
On July 10, fraudsters again withdrew more than $ 2,000 in cashback from one of my key partners who are actively promoting our project. Although they discovered an unauthorized withdrawal literally 20 minutes later, and immediately contacted technical support, the technical support personally answered me the following: “Hello, Unfortunately, it is no longer possible to cancel the transfers in the queue.”

In this regard, my partners and I had the following request: is it possible to technically implement at least one of the following algorithms:
1. create a “cancel withdrawal” button (for quick manual cancellation of an unauthorized withdrawal of funds by the account owner)
2. make a confirmation of the withdrawal of funds via e-mail (at the request of the client).

1) There is a problem with the “cancel withdrawal” button. We immediately transfer the output for processing to processing, and if you cancel the output, we will not be able to “catch up” and stop processing.
2) Practice shows that clients themselves provide fraudsters with all data on their account. They give screenshots, photos, videos, transaction history, remove Google Authentication. Adding an e-mail will not help in this case. A person also dates access to his mail.
Please send information about this particular case to contact@ai.marketing and attach screenshots of all correspondence and requests.
The person had to write to the post office + the leaders have the opportunity to CALL the operator in such cases. Why didn’t you take the opportunity?

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6️⃣ Question:
Since payments to cards have been suspended, why are payments to cryptocurrency impossible?
I answered this question in the introduction. Why payments in cryptocurrencies are not processed.
I will duplicate:
5) Stopped blockchain operations.
After the cashback is confirmed by the retailer, it takes a long time for the retailer to pay the cashback to the aggregator and the aggregator, in turn, pays the cashback to us. Wexford has always paid cashback as soon as it was confirmed by the retailer, in fact, “upfront”, long before the money was received from the aggregator, in order to reduce the actual waiting time for customers.
As soon as we received information about delays in cashback payments from cashback aggregators, we were forced to stop the “advance” cashback payment.
All cashback will be paid immediately after the decision to remove the site from the Roskomnadzor blacklist.

7️⃣ Question:
Did we understand correctly that a new Protect fund will be created with the possibility of compensation with new deposits?
We are not creating any new funds. We have an old fund that accumulates a reserve to deal with unforeseen situations. All operations within the existing fund.

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