Читайте Чёрный список пирамид и лохотронов

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In this video I explained how to make a deposit for safir minting shares

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*Here are the prices of the Zeniq Coin Minting packages in Euro and Naira including the ZeniqCoin minted daily according to the packages.*

*Cloud Hub 01(€100 =N65,000) 2.5 zc Daily minting*
_start from here if u don’t have much for now_

Cloud Hub 02(€150 = N97,500) 5 zc Daily Minting

Cloud Hub 03(€250 = N162,500) 10 zc Daily Minting

Cloud Hub 04(€450 = N292,500) 20zc Daily Minting

Cloud Hub 05(€800 = N520,000) 40zc Daily Minting

Cloud Hub 06(€1,499= N974,350) 80zc Daily Minting

Cloud Hub 07(€2,950 = N1,917,500) 160zc Daily Minting

Cloud Hub 08(€5,800 = N3,770,000) 320zc Daily Minting

Cloud Hub 09(€11,300 = N7,345,000) 640zc Daily Minting

Cloud Hub 10(€22,000 = N14,300,000) 1,280zc Daily Minting

Cloud Hub 11(€43,500 = N28,275,000) 2,560zc Daily Minting.

Cloud Hub 12(€86,000 = N55,900,000) 5,120zc Daily Min

Cloud Hub 13(€168,000 =N109,200,00 10,240zc Daily Minting

Cloud Hub 14(€330,000 = N214,500,000) 20,480zc Daily Minting

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Zeniq coin/Safir:how to make a deposit for Safir Minting Shares (earn money online with zeniq coin)