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We end the productive month of November with a video message from Alex Richter, in which the founder of Antares Trade shares the incredible results and plans for the platform.

The pleasant surprise of the outgoing month was the invitation for our press service to one of the Catalyst traders’ offices. Antares employees were not only allowed into the private secret facility but also talked with the team leader, received honest answers to all their questions and filmed the whole process.

Also, in November, we:
Launched the Nexus Apple Novemberfest promotion to reward active partners of the company
Launched the sale of a 75,000 AND investment package in the Binar Profit Team program
Launched Antares Fund, our own foundation to support socially significant projects
Entered into a partnership agreement with a new partner, Aristo Investment Management hedge fund
Launched the Step Profit Team program, based on stairstep marketing and allowing you to earn up to 1.5% per day
Synergy Group held a forum for entrepreneurs and people with an active lifestyle, which was attended by more than 500 people

Plans for December:
1. Launch of the Apple Decemberfest promotion, in which you can get a lot of high-quality Apple products
2. Launch of our own DeFi token and an investment affiliate program for cryptocurrency market participants
3. Launch of the crowd investing branch promoted under the Options Profit Team program
4. Launch of Antares Forex Bot, a trading algorithm for making a profit in the Forex market
5. Launch of the sale of a 100,000 AND investment package in the Binar Profit Team program
6. Antares Holiday lottery

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Message from the Founder of Antares Alex Richter:November Results.What Awaits the Company Next Month